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Per Product Shipping

Brief Introduction #

Per product shipping allows you to define different shipping costs for products, based on customer location.

Costs can be added to other shipping methods, or used as a standalone shipping method.

Features: #

  • Define line and per-item costs per product
  • Define line and per-item costs per variation
  • Costs can vary depending on the destination
  • Import and export rates via the built-in simple CSV handler
  • Use as a standalone shipping method, where the final cost is the sum of all product costs
  • -or- add per-product costs to other shipping methods

Requirements #


MultiVendorX Pro

Woocommerce Per Product Shipping

Woocommerce Per Product Shipping Configuration #

Kindly note that Per Product Shipping is handled by Woocommerce.For further details about Per Product plugin kindly refer to this documentation:

Admin Configuration #

Once the plugin is activated

  • Admin has to go to the Multivendor X admin dashboard.
  • Click on the Module option 
  • Under the shipping settings, enable “Per Product Shipping” & “Enable Vendor Shipping”
  • Now,admin  have to go to shipping zones under shipping tab of woocommerce settings
  • select/add a new shipping zone then click on edit.
  • Under the edit section of shipping zone, click on the shipping method and enable per product shipping.
  • Once selected, click on edit below per product shipping.
  • In the edit tab you’ll find the following fields:
    • Method title– this is the title field which users can see during checkout.
    • Tax Status– admin can choose the tax status from the dropdown field.
    • Default Product Cost-If admin wants to add a global shipping cost excluding tax for all products they can set from here.
    • Handling fee(per product)- admin can set the handling fee without tax for each product in this field.
    • Handling fee(per order)-Admin can set the handling fee for each order in this field.

Vendor’s Configuration #

  • Vendor can go to Add New Product page from  Product Manager tab.
  • Once in add new product page scroll down to Product Data Box.
  • In Product Data box click on Shipping tab and enable per product shipping.
  • Once enable per product shipping box is clicked, a table with the following fields will pop up-
  • Country Code- In this field admin can give the country code they want for per product shipping or leave blank to apply to all the country
  • State/Country Code- This field is to provide state code. For example if anyone wants to give a state name West Bengal within India then they will have to write WB as a state code. 
  • Zip/Postal code- In this field admin can provide a specific postal code.
  • Line cost( can provide a line cost i.e, cost for each different item in the cart.
  • Item cost ( In this field admin can give cost of the item which will be multiplied by quantity.

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