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Running a marketplace can be challenging, and with numerous tasks to take care of we can imagine how hard things are. So, to help you a bit we added the taskboard function. Taskboard keeps track of essential activities requiring your approval like adding new vendors, products, coupons, commission requests and questions.

Taskboard Configuration #

Taskboard is a user-friendly and efficient marketplace feature designed for all our customers who like things organised. To start off let’s see where you’ll find this.

  • As usual, go to your marketplace dashboard and then navigate to MultiVendorX. Hovering on the MultiVendorX option will lead to the appearance of the menu list.
  • Select Workboard from the MultiVendorX menu.
  • Selecting the Workboard option will redirect you to the Taskboard page containing all your pending marketplace chores.

Taskboard Components #

The taskboard components in this article refer to the various tasks awaiting your approval. So without wasting any time let’s get into it.

Pending Product #

MultiVendorX allows you to give your vendors options to either publish a product after adding them or to submit it to you for review. Those products that have been submitted to you for review will appear on the taskboard. Once the product appears you can continue with the following actions

  • Edit: if you have selected the edit option you will be directed to the page containing the product details of the product waiting for your approval. You can read through the information and directly publish it but in case of any errors, you can edit the information and then publish it.
  • Approve: You can approve the products submitted by vendors by clicking on this button.
  • Dismiss: You can set aside a pending product by selecting the Dismiss option. Once selected, you would be asked to state a reason for dismissing the product. The vendor would then receive a note on the product page stating why you had dismissed the product.

Pending vendor approval-  #

Once an interested vendor comes to your site he/she will generally submit their personal information through a registration form. Once submitted you can view their registration form on the taskboard. Given your marketplace requirements, you can do the following actions.

  • Edit: The editing option gives you both the option of viewing the registered information and editing them.
  • Activate: You can approve the vendor’s application and activate his account by simply clicking the activate icon. Once approved the vendors signed up on your site will have access to all the functions available on the vendor’s dashboard which includes adding products, customizing the vendor’s shop, viewing vendor’s reports etc to name a few. This also means that the vendor can now add and sell products on your site.
  • Reject: You can reject a vendor’s application if he does not meet your requirements. Rejecting a vendor would also mean that he cannot sell any products on your site.
  • Dismiss: You can dismiss a new vendor’s application to read later by choosing this option. However, dismissing does not mean you have rejected the vendor it simply means that you have removed it from your To-do list.  This would keep your list clean and uncluttered. You can view your dismissed vendors application by selecting the Vendors submenu option found under the MultiVendorX menu list.

Pending Coupon- #

Newly created coupons receive the same options as newly added products. They can either be published by the vendor or submitted to you for review. Coupons that are submitted for approval will appear on your taskboard. Once these pending coupons appear you can follow up with the given option.

  • Edit: If you have chosen to edit your vendor’s coupon you can select the edit button. Once you select the edit option the page containing the coupon details appear. You can either read the coupon details and directly publish it or in case of any mistakes edit and then publish it.
  • Dismiss: You can also dismiss any pending coupons read later by selecting this option. To view any dismissed coupon you can go to the WooCommerce menu found on your admin dashboard and then select coupons.

Pending Transaction  #

Now MultiVendorX provides you with a flexible commission system which basically means there are multiple ways of distributing commission to your vendors. Once such disbursement option includes letting vendors withdraw commissions by themselves. So, whenever a vendor wishes to withdraw his or her commission fee he can send a request. This request gets added to your taskboard. You perform the following actions.

  • Approve – If the commission request made by the vendor satisfies all conditions set by you can approve their request.
  • Dismiss – In case you want to reconsider the commission request you can dismiss it from the taskboard. Selecting the dismiss option would just remove the request from the taskboard and not reject them.

Pending Question #

Customers purchasing products on your site will always have queries and questions. But sometimes some questions can be redundant as you may have answered similar questions earlier. You can tackle the question appearing on your site with the following actions,

  • Verify- You can select this option if you want this question to get published on the product page. Questions published on the product page will appear whenever a customer types a similar kind of question. And these questions are always answered which saves the trouble of answering it again.
  • Reject: If you do not wish to answer this question then you can click on the reject button.

With these have come to the end of our tutorial on the MultiVendorX taskboard. Try it and let us know how you feel.

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