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      Camilo Ruiz

      Hi WCMP team,

      I’m writing to ask you if it’s possible that vendors could custom the order their products appear on the vendor’s page.

      Right now that order depends on Woocommerce criteria (by popularity, price, alphabetically…). Could this order be modified by each vendor?


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      Hi, thank you for getting in touch with us.
      I am sorry but do you want to sort the products as per vendor in your shop page.
      If yes, then you may use our widget called “WCMp: Vendors List”, this will let customer select a vendor and view thei corresponding products. For further help please check this doc :

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      Camilo Ruiz


      No, Some vendors want to be able to sort their products. For example, a vendor wants that product C shows as his first product on his vendor page. Is that possible?


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      @Camilo Ruiz, I am sorry but can you please explain the flow in details, so we can understand and help you out.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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