How to notify admin when getting a new vendor order?

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      Chris Baker

      When a new order is placed for the vendor product, The vendor can get an email but the super admin is not receiving the email for the same. We need to be aware super admin about all the order activity. Please guide us on how we can notify the super admin?

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      Hi, thank you for reaching out to us.
      WooCommerce by default sends the email to admin whenever a customer places an order.
      Now in order to let admin receive an email for each vendor products enable the option for mail for “New Order” and give recipients mail as admin’s mail via Woocommerce>Settings>Mails>New Orders Mail
      (see screenshot- )

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      Chris Baker

      Thank you.

      We would like to insert an email notification (for super admin) for ‘New Vendor Order’.

      However, there is no available field to insert email, see here:

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      Kindly note that you’ve mistaken the mail option.
      It is “New Order” and not “Vendor New Order”. Go to “New Order section which usually comes in the first and over there you can add receipient’s email id.
      (see screenshot- )

Viewing 3 reply threads

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