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      Yoni Lewis

      Hi: I am using your plugin and it is great. I would need to know if you have an option to “follow” vendors, like twitter and instagram, or how could be added?

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      Hi @Yoni Lewis, thanks for reaching WCMp support!!

      WCMp does let the vendor add their social accounts through Store Settings >> Storefront >> social media:https://prnt.sc/rbd9ve
      The same will be displayed in the vendor’s shop page, as you can see here : https://prnt.sc/rbdao7
      So, customers can view the vendor’s social media account and follow the vendors there.

      If you have any further queries, please let us know.

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      Yoni Lewis

      Hi: in reply to your ticket, I understand, but I mean not to follow on their social networks. Follow the user inside woocommerce, like if the user “vendor_1” has products published and other buyers can follow that vendor, for example = “vendor_1 has 100 followers”
      Would be possible to implement?

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      @Yoni Lewis, currently we don’t have the option where customers can follow a vendor. However, you can do custom code to add this flow to your site.

      Let us know if you need help with hook/filter.

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      Maxime Delavallée

      Hi all,

      I also recommend such new feature. It would be great for visitors to be able to subscribe to vendor’s feed. Creating this functionnality via RSS could be interesting!


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      @Maxime, thanks for sharing this feature request. Our dev team will look into this and will take further decision.

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      Please use the latest version of MultiVendorX. We have added the feature already.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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