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Product types disappeared in frontend manager

WCMp Advanced Frontend Manager

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      Kurt Darren

      Hi we have a subscription to frontend manager.

      It appears there was an auto upgrade to multivendorx – now we can only show simple products.

      Surely we don’t have to upgrade to pro to keep the functionality we had already subscribed to?

      How can we downgrade back to wcmarketplace and keep the functionality from before?

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      Hi Kurt, thanks for the mail.

      From now onwards, MultiVendorX Pro, contains all the paid addon’s feature in it.

      So, in order to migrate to multivendorx pro, you may opt for any threee options :

      Option A

      We will share MultivendorX with the module you need. i.e. if you had only Frontend Manager, then you can only use Frontend Manageraddon’s feature in the MuliVendorX Pro.
      But you can’t update the plugin after this, as this is one time solution only.
      For permanet result, we would request you to purchase MultiVendorX Pro from here and opt for option B or Option C

      Option B

      We will give you coupon discount based on the month left of your subscription, and you can use MultiVendorX Pro
      i.e. if you have purchased Advance Frontend of 100 USD and purchased this on 1st January. Then you have left 2 month in your subscription. So you will get coupon code of 100*2/12 = 16.6 => 17

      Option C
      You can opt for trail version of MultivendorX Pro for a month and based then opt for the Option B
      But please note, in order to use Option C, you need to give us some details regarding your site and small testimonial. Only then we can give you API key for the one month free trial.

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      Kurt Darren

      As many others have pointed out in the forum, this is unethical behaviour. To just rebrand WCMP and then expect all your customers to buy another much more expensive subscription to get the same functionality they already had is ridiculous. In addition making this a forced update and breaking basic functionality is costing your customers hours in debugging time trying to work out what is happening.

      We will go with Option D: cancel our subscription and switch to another marketplace plugin.

      Good luck with your business practices.

    • #145403

      Kurt, I understand your end.

      We didn’t only rebranded WCMp but we have totally chnaged the coding. By remaking this using react and bringing module straucture.

      Not only that, we have merged all our addons into one plugin MultiVendorX Pro.

      We understood that somw of you will not migrate to pricing plan i.e. subscription based purchase.
      That is why we will share the MutivendorX Pro plugin with you which is compatible with MultiVendorX. But yes, you won’t be able to receive future update and support as you will not have the api key for MultiVendorX pro.

      Kurt please understand that this is not to cause any problem for you but to make your site much faster and simpler way to access all settings and flow.

    • #180124
      WCMp Admin

      We haven’t heard back from you, so we presume this issue has been fixed.
      So we are closing this one.
      If you need any further help, do open another thread.

Viewing 4 reply threads

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