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      I’m using a custom page and want to show this plugin on its own somewhere else on the page. Unfortunately, it is displayed in the WooCommerce hook with other plugins. Is it possible to use short codes? Or is it possible to use it in Jet Engine or Hook WooCommerce? And if so, how do I do it?
      Thank You

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      Hello, I am so sorry but can you please explain the query a bit more, with the detailed workflow.

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      I have a custom template that has three columns
      I want to change the place of showing this plugin with Elementor

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      @2pq737f2o, can you please explain what Vendor related information you want to show and how. So we can assist you accordingly.

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      I use Dokan Pro and wocommerce plugin and I need to change the place of email and its button on my custom page.
      My page has three columns and I want to move a left column where the price button is located

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      Hi @2pq737f2o, Dokan is a third-party plugin and not related to MultiVendorX.

      So, please install MultivendorX and check the shop page. Let us know what changes are you looking for there, so we can assist you.

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      We haven’t heard back from you, so we presume this issue has been fixed.
      So we are closing this one.
      If you need any further help, do open another thread.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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