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Vendors orders

WCMp Advanced Frontend Manager

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      Hello, I would like to make some edits to the orders dashboard.

      First I would like to add some order statuses in bulk actions to update orders easily.
      I already have the custom code to remove some statuses but not to add some.

      Second, I would like to remove some statuses from the status filter

      Third, I would like to set the shipping on the suborder level, but also make sure that the shipping is counted only once in case there are suborders from several vendors.

      Thanks a lot for your help

      Thank you for your help.

    • #142784

      Hi , thanks for the query.

      You need to do custom code to add/remove statues. Do you have any coding knowledge, so our team can share the hook/filter?

    • #148056

      We haven’t heard back from you. We presume this issue has been fixed, so we are closing this one.
      if you need any further help, please do open another thread.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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