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WC Booking Compatibility

WCMp Mangopay Marketplace

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      I updated to the latest version of the WooCommerce Booking plugin (Version 1.15.62), however when I did this the option for Bookable products disappeared completely. This left my vendors without the ability to Add Products or get any Bookings since it showed the product did not exist.

      I had to roll back to the previous version for it to work again. Seems like a compatibility issue. I’m on Version 3.9.2 of WCMp.

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      Hi @estebanchinchilla99, can you please give us small information?

      Are you using our addon WCMp Advance Frontend Manager (

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      Yes, I am using the Advanced Frontend Manager with the addons bundle

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      Hi, we haven’t face any such issue on our end with this latest version

      Now as you are facing this issue, it seems like there is some plugin/theme conflict. Just to be sure, disable all the plugins except WooCommerce and WCMp and check again.
      If the issue still exists, please switch to some default theme such as Twenty Sixteen and check again.
      Please do keep us posted so we can help you out.

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      I would love to migrate from wc vendor to wcfm marketplace, but it doesn’t work with the payment gateway from Mangopay. There is a Fatal Error.
      Do you know if you think about integrate this gateway ?

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      Hi @kimia.salamo9881, thanks for reaching MultiVendorX support.

      You can definitely migrate from WC Vendor to MultiVendorX. All you have to do is install MultiVendorX from here and run the setup wizard. All the vendor’s and their product, orders will be migrated.

      We also have support for Mangopay payment mode via our MultiVendorX Pro.

      let us know if you have any further queries.

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      Hi Moumnita,

      My license is not activating. Before you keep SELLING MULTIVEDORX paid plan, kindly look at paid clients, who didn’t get the right license activation keys.

      Emails, chat support has been sent.

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      Hi, I have reset the keys. Please disable the plugin and enable this again. After that activate the key.

      If the issue is till there, please do share a temporary admin, access so we can check.
      While sharing the access, don’t forget to mark the response as private.

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      WCMp Admin

      We haven’t heard back from you, so we presume this issue has been fixed.
      So we are closing this one.
      If you need any further help, do open another thread.

Viewing 8 reply threads

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