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About Us


MultiVendorX began when our team encountered a project related to creating a multivendor store.  As people based in the service industry, our entire focus had been on making the solution simple while providing the best service.  After completing the project to the client’s satisfaction, we realized that there was a need for an online marketplace solution that was simple and easy to use. Hence bring into existence MultiVendorX – The growth engine to start your marketplace. 


Years later, MultiVendorX continues to be one of the best marketplace solutions, with over 15000 downloads worldwide and across all industries. Using the latest technology we continue to make your experience smoother. Unrelated to its popularity as a plugin, the MultiVendorX team puts the primary focus on providing our clients with the best support possible. Ranked as a five-star by all our clients, our support team has made it its mission to solve all our customer queries. While this brings about certain challenges and restrictions we intend to try our best.

Future Plans

MultiVendorX is committed to its customers by providing the best marketplace plugin experience possible. In the future, we plan on creating a MultiVendorX community that involves – developers, theme authors, marketplace owners, and business experts. The point of this community is to have a supportive space for our plugin users where they can help one another. This way, users won’t just get the benefit of using a multivendor marketplace solution, but they’ll also gain support from other users who are in similar situations.