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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

MultiVendorX provides a refund policy for customers within 15 days of their purchase. A full refund will be granted if the item(s) is broken, not functioning properly, or lacks features as described on the pricing page.

We have confidence in the seamless performance of our products, and if any issues arise, our dedicated support team is ready to assist in resolving them.

Please note that refund requests will not be entertained beyond 15 days from the actual purchase date. To initiate a refund, users are required to contact us here.

Note: It’s important to distinguish between a broken item and receiving an error message or encountering difficulties configuring the product to achieve the desired result. Error messages are often associated with improper setup, hosting issues, configuration problems, plugin conflicts, or missing files, which can result in the item not functioning properly.

Refund Eligibility

Before you request a refund from MultiVendorX, you must do the following:

  • Please familiarize yourself with the provided documentation or explore the demo accompanying our products and general tutorials
  • Ensure that your server complies with the specified requirements outlined for the product and WordPress in general
  • Switch to the default WordPress theme and deactivate all other plugins, except those necessary for our product to function. Check if the issue persists.
  • Refunds for technical issues can only be processed if we are given the opportunity to assist you. If we are unable to resolve the problem, a refund will be provided.
  • If you continue to experience difficulties, open a new support ticket, detailing the steps to reproduce the issue. If needed, grant access to your setup for our staff to debug the problem.
  • After completing the above steps and the issue remains unsolved, you qualify for a refund within 15 days of the purchase. It’s crucial to follow all the specified steps for eligibility.
  • Please be aware that opening a dispute or initiating a chargeback won’t expedite your refund request. We reserve the right to refer any case to the PayPal, Stripe, or other payment processor’s fraud department, possibly resulting in the limitation of your account. Engaging in fraudulent activity may lead to permanent account blocking.
  • If unsure about a product’s suitability, contact our sales team before purchasing for clarification. They are ready to assist you.
  • After thoroughly reviewing the instructions and completing the necessary steps, if your product remains broken or malfunctioning, initiate a refund request from here.

Criteria for Refund Request Rejection

You can request a refund on any of our paid extensions. However, some cases in which the decision of the Sales and Support team is final, refund requests would be refused. These cases include : 

  • Discounts and Offers : MultiVendorX offers its users discounts and special offers. If the product, MultiVendorX ProWooCommerce Request a Quote & Product Catalog , WooCommerce Product Stock Manager & Notifier Pro are purchased at a discounted value, MultiVendorX reserves the right to deny any refund request made by the User.
  • Automatic Payments : If a product is automatically renewed, refund requests cannot be processed. To avoid this issue kindly enable the ‘Cancel Automatic Payments’ option from your Stripe or PayPal account. 
  • Refunds will not be issued in cases of unauthorized use or licensing violations, including instances where the product is found to be used in violation of the end-user license agreement (EULA) or evidence of unauthorized use is present.
  • Refunds will not be issued if you simply decide not to use the purchased product or purchased by mistake. By requesting and receiving a refund, you agree to forfeit all ownership rights to your license and commit to discontinuing the use of the product immediately. We retain the right to deny a refund request if deemed necessary in any case.
  • Refund requests submitted after the 15 days period from the original purchase date will not be processed. It is the customer’s responsibility to initiate refund requests within the specified 15 days timeframe.
  • If you’ve read the above, and taken the necessary steps, but your product is still broken, malfunctioning, or otherwise non-functional, please open a refund request from here.

Things to keep in mind before availing refund

  • Any refund requested will be processed within the next 7 days of placing the request.
  • For Indian Clients (only) GST charges will not be refunded.
  • Transaction fee deducted by the payment gateway will not be refunded.
  • If the User acts in bad faith or misuses our product, MultiVendorX owns the right to deny the refund request.

Last updated Jan 5, 2024