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The Auction Marketplace- A Complete Guide

Looking to sell collection of valuable items or property ?Skip on long negotiations processes find the right buyer through online auctions. Be it reverse auction or simple auction enjoy bidding from the comfort of your own home.

This guide is specifically designed for auction enthusiasts like you.

Auction Marketplace Checklist

  • Build with right platform & features
  • Manage your Vendors
  • Generate Revenue
  • Grow with the right strategy
  • Launch Your Marketplace

The latest report by Technavio noted a trend in growth of online auctions to be around$1.9 billion progressing at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2021 to 2026.

Encouraged by the ease of ordering at home and the ability to quickly compare prices and product reviews among retailers the annual rate of increase in online auction is about16.1% to $934.2 billion in last five years. If online auction is your thing, don’t hesitate to take a look at this guide.

Fun Fact:

  • Most auctioneers supply bidders with a catalog ahead of time.
  • Art is one of the item whose value does not depreciate over time
  • The entire Roman Empire was once put up for Auction

Select Your Platform

Select the best plan that suits your marketplace business

CMS Platform Recommend

CMS is a content management system with a set of scripts for creating, editing, and managing site content.

  • Get ready-made infrastructure from the provider
  • Add any feature compatible with WordPress
  • With many developers, you save time
  • The Support team's got your back
  • Save cost on development
Custom Platform

Custom platform is created keeping specific needs of users in mind.

  • Personalize your platform
  • Added feature equals to added cost
  • Customisation takes time
  • Create a unique platform
  • Not ideal for future customisation

Top Auction Marketplace Features

Auction Types
  • Simple Auction
  • Reverse Auction
Time Management tools
  • Auto-bid
  • Buffer Management
Bidding Options
  • Proxy Bid
  • Silent Bid
Payment Management Tool
  • Flexible and Secure Paymentr
  • Flexible Time Range
Advertising Options
  • Automated Notification reminders
  • Voucher and Coupon Code system
Marketplace Analytics Tools
  • Business Analytics Tool
  • Detailed Sales Report

Know Your Vendors

Understand the variations available in the marketplace

Collectible Items

Collectors willing to sell collectible items like - comics, stamps, coins and others are sure to find buyers who think like them. Just be the platform that connects them.

Artistic Goods

Why not add different airlines, cab services, and bus services sellers to your marketplace and allow customers to book journey from the comfort of homes.

Electronic Gadgets

Pre-released smartphones, gaming supplies and electronics gadgets - to sellers looking to get the best price this might be the temptation they can’t pass.


Nothings sells like hot cake than baubles and pretty pearls. Try putting up exquisite jewelry on your list to drawn in beautiful customers.


Antique and vintage items like - crockery, pottery, paintings can give a unique insight into previous decades and centuries. So if you happen to know an antique seller be sure to add him/her.

Land and Property

Property and land sell like hot cakes. Be the bridge that connects sellers to the right bidder/ buyer .

Solve the Chicken and Egg Problem

Who Comes First Buyers or Sellers? Easy tips to add sellers

Marketplaces are built on the premise of buyers and sellers transacting with each other. But when you start, you have none of those. So how do you convince sellers to join a platform without buyers and vice versa?This problem is referred to as the chicken and egg problem of online marketplaces. Read Here to gain an in-depth insight. Ensure excellent service providers Build a community

  • Ensure excellent service providers
  • Build a community
  • Find an enterprise client
  • Be the single-player
  • Promise to find buyers for your suppliers
  • Create a super niche and leverage

Marketplace Monetization Strategy

Sales Commission

This is the most common way for an online marketplace to make money. A seller pays a predefined % only when they make a sale. This monetization strategy is best for small transactions. Uber and eBay work like this, for example. The platform usually gets a commission fee of 5-15%.

Subscription Fee

Choose this model if you don't want to depend on the sales volume. Just charge your users a small fee every month or once a year. You can also have different subscription packages. Offer limited functionality for free and the full package for a monthly fee, for example. Or charge only the vendors. Or only the clients. You get the idea.

Listing Fee

If your marketplace has a lot of traffic and active users you can implement a listing fee. A user can place ads for free. If they want their ad to be placed above all the free ads from other users they can pay for the placement.

Pay Per Contact

This is a common monetization model for a service marketplace. There is a fee to contact a customer, while no one guarantees a successful transaction. In this case, the vendor relies on long-term cooperation with the client.

Pay-Per-Action Fee

A pay-per-action revenue model implies the vendor has to pay a fixed amount when a client performs an action. For example, when a user books a table in a restaurant through the marketplace, the restaurant pays a fixed fee to the platform.

Mixed Model

You don't have to stop at one monetization strategy. Many marketplaces use a combination of multiple monetization strategies. The ad-vantage of the mixed model is that it creates additional value for some marketplace users. While not interfering with everyone else's work.

Study of Important Marketplace Module

Key Takeaways

Components eBay Etsy
Type An all-inclusive auction marketplace. Etsy is an online auction site for handmade goods and crafts.
Revenue Generating Process eBay derives maximum profit by charging its sellers listing fees, advertising fees and after-sale commission. Etsy charges a listing and a transaction fee from its users for the use of the website. Along with offering charges for availing extra features
Mode of Operation Sellers registered under eBay have the option to either list their products for auction or to sell them at a fixed price. Registered sellers can list items for auction, wait for the highest bidder and then complete the transaction.
Analysis What makes eBay successful is that fact that it in one of the first online auction website. What makes Etsy stand apart from its competitor is it’s focus on niche which makes client management easy.
Time of work Host can freely list out the dates when they'll be able to rent out their services and so Service Providers can choose the time and date and also separate slots according to their preference

Grow Your Marketplace

If you are looking to grow your business, here are a few option for you to try

Competition Research

Make sure to analyse your competitors

Right Price

Product price should be the same as market price

Surprise Offers

Surprise offers always keeps customers coming back

Social Media Marketing

A current generation marketing strategy