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      Hello team!
      We have a problem. When we receive an enquiry to our mail and going to answer, by pressing at Reply button it shows that email will go to admin email of website and not to customer email.
      How can this be fixed?

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      Dino, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      I presume you are referring to the email sent by you from your e-mail.
      Our inquiry email is also WooCommerce mail, which means when the admin receives the mail, this is sent by your site. Therefore, the sender of the email is the admin. For this reason, when the admin is replying back, it is going back to the admin.
      In order to give a reply to your customer kindly go to the “Customer Queries” section of the Catalog and reply to the query. (see screenshot- )
      Or you can copy the customer’s email id from the customer query section ( see screenshot- )and send a reply to that query

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      I understand. Maybe there is any trick to put it to work like contact form? I mean when we receive message from contact form and then pressing Reply button at outlook it replying to customer email and not at the wordpress email.
      Fr us is important to fast reply via outlook.

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      @dino, in that case, there is only one way. For your site only, you need to pass the customer’s email in the cc.
      Only then if you click on Reply All, the customer will get the mail too.

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      cc is not a solution for us,sorry. Can we make a refund?

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      I’m afraid that this is technically not possible since the mail server allows to pass the email id of sender, receiver and cc.

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      Hi , we haven’t heard back from you for a while.
      So we presume this issue has been fixed. We are closing this for now.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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