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Country-Wise Shipping

Table of Contents

Admin can enable the shipping by country option by enabling the Country Wise Shipping option.

Vendor Configuration #

  • The “shipping by country” settings let vendors set 4 different types of default costs.
  • Default Shipping Price: This will be the base shipping price of all the vendor’s products irrespective of countries and states.
  • Per Additional Product Price: This cost will be applied to every second type of product from the same vendor in the cart.
  • Per Qty Additional Price: This cost will be applied to every second quantity of the same product of the vendor in the cart.
  • Free Shipping Minimum order amount: The amount entered here will be the benchmark above which the shipping will be free.

Shipping calculation:

For shipping calculations, the following options must be selected:

Ships from: The country from where the vendor ships products.

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