Follow Store

Brief Introduction:

Follow Vendor module enabled the option for customers to follow the vendors whose products they like and want to stay updated with.

They can follow multiple vendors according to their interests. And the customers will get updates and emails about the vendor’s newly added products.

Let see how this works : #

  • In order to start with this module, admin must enable the “ Follow Store” option via MultivendorX >> Modules >> Store Management >> Follow Store
  • Once this option is selected, user can use “Follow” option in each vendor’s shop page.

How admin and vendor can view the Followers : #

  • Admin needs to navigate to each vendor via MultivendorX >> Vendor and check the “Vendor Follower” tab.
  • Vendor can view their Followers in their dashbaord page.

What will users get by following the vendors : #

  • User will be notifed via mail once a vendor will add product
  • User will be notified via mail once a vendor will add coupon

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