Grouped Products

Brief Introduction #

When multiple different products are sold as a single product, we call them grouped products. With MultiVendorX you can now offer vendors the option of selling grouped products directly from their stores.

Requirements #

MultiVendorX Pro

Grouped Product Configuration #

When it comes to the configuration of grouped products the process is very simple and will be completed in a jiffy. To start off you will have to enable the grouped product option for your vendors to create this type of product. Let’s take a quick look at what you need to do to enable this product-type option.

Let’s start from the basics, go to your marketplace dashboard and then navigate to MultiVendorX.

Hovering your cursor over the MultiVendorX option will lead to the appearance of its menu list. As the menu list appears, select the Module option.

As you select the Module option you will be redirected to the Modules page. From the first section that appears on the Module Page, labelled Marketplace Types, select the Grouped option.

Once you have enabled the Grouped options vendors can now add grouped products directly from their frontend dashboard.

Add New Grouped Product #

Just like how simple it was for you to enable the grouped products option, vendors too can add grouped products easily.

First, click on Add Product under Product Manager in the Vendor Dashboard.

  1. Add the Product Name (title), description, and product image(s) in the first section.
  2. Go to the second section – Select Grouped Product from the ProductType drop-down menu. 
  3. Inventory Tab – Here, you can add SKU (unique to products). You can choose to manage the product stock individually. You can choose whether to allow backorders and more. If Manage Stock remains unchecked, only the ‘Stock status’ option will be visible in the Inventory tab and the single product page will only display the stock status (if set to out of stock). In this case, you will be responsible for updating the Stock Status manually.  
  4. Last but not least all changes must be saved using the save changes button. 

Follow these steps to add Grouped Products to your online marketplace and become the reason behind the smiles of happy customers.

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