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Invoice & Packing slip FAQ

Can we print the shipping label for the order? #

>>Yes, admin can download the packing slip of the orders from order page (see the screenshot – ) via Invoice & Packing slip .

The vendor can also download the shipping label/slip from their own order page:

How to show GST number inside the invoice? #

>>In order to show GST number inside an invoice, you need to follow this doc : –

Currency symbol is broken inside the invoice? #

>>You just need to add support of your currency (such as INR), by adding this code to the function.php of the currently active child theme : add_filter(‘woocommerce_currency_symbols’, ‘woocommerce_currency_symbols’);
function woocommerce_currency_symbols($currency){
$currency[‘INR’] = ‘<span style=”font-family: DejaVu Sans;”>&#x20b9;</span>’;
return $currency;

I need the invoice number in my invoice #

>> Invoice & Packing Slip has a setting called “Invoice number” , you can enable this option via MultivendorX Pro >> Modules >> Invoice & Packing Slip:

I don’t want my vendors to access the PDF settings #

>>You can simply remove the settings using this code : – add_filter(‘wcmp_vendor_dashboard_nav’, ‘callback_wcmp_vendor_dashboard_nav’, 99); function callback_wcmp_vendor_dashboard_nav($vendor_nav){ unset($vendor_nav[‘store-settings’][‘submenu’][‘pdf-invoice’]); return $vendor_nav; }

Now, to apply the admin’s PDF settings for the vendor too, you need to do some custom code. This link will help you with that :

How can I limit certain categories from vendors #

>>Under each membership plan, you can select the categories a vendor can access :

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