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Brief Introduction #

Learning something new can be hard or easy, depending on the right instructions. Just like you need our documentation to understand your marketplace, vendors new to your site would require instructions to navigate their marketplace store. Here is how you can send tutorials to store owners new to your marketplace. 

Configure Knowledgebase #

Knowledgebase does not require too many configurations except for enabling the Knowledgebase module and adding new messages.

Enable Knowledgebase Module #

Just like the announcement setting make sure to enable the Knowledgebase module available on the Module page.

  • Go to the admin dashboard and then navigate to MultivendorX.
  • Select Module from the MultivendorX menu. Once you get transported to the Module Page, scroll to the Notification section
  • Simply enable the Knowledgebase module to get started!

Knowledgebase Settings #

Once knowledgebase is enabled you can select the settings tab that appears after enabling it. Selecting the setting option will redirect you to the Workboard knowledgebase page.

  • After getting redirected to the Workboard page, select the Knowledgebase tab. 
  • Select the add icon to add a new message. 
  • Once the add icon is selected you will have to add the following information –
  • Title – Demarks the headline of your message. 
  • Content – This is where you can add your tutorial or other vital information you wish to pass on to vendors.

Knowledgebase Log #

The knowledgebase log is quite similar to the announcement log least in terms of functions. Let’s look at the information you will find once you look at the knowledgebase log.

  • Title – The title section mostly presents you with the topic for a message.
  • Date – Date as usual records the time when the message was published.
  • Action – WIth action you can either edit and add new information to your previously sent knowledgbase message or simply delete them. 

Read Tutorials #

As vendors new to the marketplace accessing tutorials containing store information is important. To help vendors find them, see the following steps

  • Let the vendor go to his or her store dashboard. 
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, vendors would notice the dashboard menu. Scrolling down the last option present in the knowledgebase.
  • Once the knowledgebase option is selected vendors can view the message sent by you.

Hope this tutorial was able to provide you with ample information on how to send messages to your vendors. However, if you still encounter an issue or have more questions flag them on our support forum.

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