Stripe Connect

Brief Introduction #

Stripe is a simple way to accept payment online. Using Stripe allows customers to pay for their purchases by using a credit or debit card.

Configuring Stripe Gateway #

The following steps will show you how to configure stripe on both yours and your vendor’s end. Once you’ve learnt all your steps going through Stripe will be as easy as a pie.

Stripe Configuration from Admin Dashboard:-

  1. Go to the admin dashboard and hover over the MultivendorX  menu option until the submenu pops up. From the MultivendorX menu list choose the Module submenu
  2. Now  go to “Payments” section and enable the option “Stripe Connect”.
  3. Again go to MultivendorX and select Settings sub-menu and click on “Commissions” tab.
  4. Once the Commissions tab opens  scroll down to Commission Disbursement Method and choose Stripe Connect.
  5. Once selected navigate to “Payments” sub-menu under MultivendorX and select the Stripe Connect
  6. As soon as the Stripe Connect page loads fill in the following field 
    1.  Stripe Test Client ID
    2. Stripe Live Client ID
    3. Stripe Test Publishable key 
    4. Stripe Live Publishable key  
    5. Stripe Test Secret key
    6. Stripe Live Secret key 
  7. Before filling the above fields run a quick test of your Paypal account by selecting the Enable Test Mode option
  8. In order to configure the redirect URL copy the link from your Stripe Settings page and paste this here :
  9. Get the Client ID from this link :
  10. Get the Client ID from here
  11. Lastly, click Save Changes.

Switch from Test Mode to Live Mode #

  • To switch from test mode to production or live mode go through the following steps :
  • Firstly, disconnect all vendor Stripe accounts.
  • Then uncheck Enable test mode under MultivendorX Stripe Settings.
  • Lastly, replace all the test credentials with Live credentials.

Stripe Configuration from Vendor Dashboard #

  • Now that you have learnt how to configure Stripe from the Admin’s side, learn how a vendor can configure Stripe from their end
  • After logging in, the vendor simply needs to navigate to their Billing Settings and select Stripe Connect from the dropdown list of available payment methods. After doing so, click on the Connect with Stripe button, this will connect the vendor’s account with the admin’s.
  • This will redirect the vendor to Stripe Connect registration page. Once the vendor completes the steps and authorizes Stripe, he/ she will be redirected to their billing settings again. Connect with Stripe now has changed to Disconnect Stripe Account.

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