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      Hi, I’ve purchased and activated the API key and the product number. However, I can’t see the option to add a product for membership in WordPress.
      I’ve checked on the status and I see this:

      Version 4.0.26
      Plugin subscription plan Free
      Active modules Elementor, Simple (Downloadable & Virtual), External, Grouped, , , Store Location, Marketplace Membership

      I’ve deactivated and reactivated the plugin, then deactivated the license unchecked the checkbox and finally reactivated the license, no changes.

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      @Nazca Networks S.L. ESB05173059 Sorry to hear that.
      If you have MultiVendorX Pro activated on your end and also enabled the Marketplace membership module then there should not be any such issue.
      But still as you are facing the issue on your end kindly share the site url and temporary admin and ftp access with us so that we can check and help you accordingly.

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      @Nazca Networks S.L. ESB05173059 Thanks for sharing the access.
      There was some issue in the MultiVendorX Pro plugin file that is why you were facing the issue. We have added an updated file on your end and the Marketplace membership module is working fine.
      Kindly check.

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      I’m sorry for the delay, it looks OK.

      Thank you.

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      You are welcome. We are happy to help.

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      One more question,

      I’ve configured and payed an order with a subscription type product, however, the new user is not a vendor, should I change the default status on the WooCommerce admin area to Vendor? or there is something I forgot to configure in the plugin?.

      The order number is #250, the user is “Jose Probando 15”

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      the Approve Vendor setting is in “Automatically”

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      @Nazca Networks S.L. ESB05173059 Kindly let us know which payment mode are you using to pay for the subscription package.
      You can also take some referral to solve the issue from here

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      I’m using Stripe.

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      @Nazca Networks S.L. We have created a recurring subscription plan and the user is subscribing for the plan using MVX Stripe marketplace. The flow is working fine on our end. The user is getting added as a vendor on the site. Kindly check the video
      Now as you are facing an issue on your end can we check the same on the earlier shared website of yours.

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      Hi, because I had to change projects I have been a while without checking, sorry for the delay.

      I moved the web to

      I have set up two plans, a free one “Plan gratuíto”, which works fine and a paid one “Plan de pago” which produces this problem:

      I start by creating an account,
      I use login with Google,
      once created the system offers me the two plans, I choose paid plan “Plan de pago” and pay with Stripe.
      When the payment process finishes, the user created has the role “Subscriber” and not “Vendor”, so I can not enter the panel.

      When I manually change the role to Vendor, I can enter the panel but I get “Apply for a membership” which leads to the dashboard, the same from an account with a free plan when I choose “Upgrade / Downgrade” (Change plan in English).

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      @Nazca Networks S.L. The membership flow is working fine on our end. Now as you are facing issue on your end can we check that on the staging site that you have shared earlier in post no #196174.

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