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Allow pending vendors to use vendor dashboard

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      My website will use dynamic pages when displaying vendors. When a vendor is approved, they will be automatically added to the page. I want to use the role as a flag. So vendors with role ‘pending vendor’ will not be displayed on my website, but vendors with role ‘vendor’ will be displayed.

      This is because I only want to show a vendor on my website once they have added their products and updated their store settings. So I need pending vendors to update their store settings and submit products.

      Is there a code snippet that allows pending vendors to use the vendor dashboard like ‘approved’ vendors can? This way, I can let vendors update their store settings and submit products before they are visible on my website. Then my dynamic pages will only show approved vendors meaning the vendors shown will already have all store settings & products submitted.


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      WCMp added some restriction for pending vendor vendor dashboard using css.
      So you you want to change then you have to add good amount of custom code.

      Do you have any developers with you, so we can assist them with this.


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      Yes – I have a developer. But if it’s just css that that sounds quite simple to add into the child theme? Is there a CSS snippet?

      Or, if you need to speak with our developer, we can arrange a call or should we use email?


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      @raoul, as you already know both vendor and the pending vendor have their own role, therefore the vendor dashboard can only be accessed by vendor role.

      But the pending vendor doesn’t have the capability to access the dashboard. That is why you can’t apply CSS to let pending vendors access the dashboard.
      For this, you have to do custom code and provide the capability to pending vendors to access the dashboard contains.

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      OK thanks for the explanation. Are you able to speak to my developer about the custom code as Abhirup mentioned?

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      @raoul, sure. Ask your developer to contact us so we can assist him/her.
      Alternatively, you may also hire our developer vis this link

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      How should they contact you, via this thread?

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      @raoul, sure they can contact us from here.

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      Is there potentially another solution to solve my problem?

      Essentially, we just want a way of putting vendors live on the website after they have uploaded a banner, email address, postcode, town, profile picture and have uploaded at least 1-2 products.

      If WCMp have faced this problem before, maybe there is a better solution than allowing pending vendors to use the vendor dashboard.

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      @raoul, before adding a new feature we need to consult or discuss with our other users. Till now we don’t have any such feature request yet.

      For now, I have forwarded this to the Product enhancement team. Depending upon mass request and availability of resources, the team would be in a situation to proceed further.

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      raoul, we haven’t received such a request yet from our user.

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      Yes, you can create a code snippet that allows pending vendors to use the vendor dashboard like approved vendors can. You can set up a conditional statement that checks the user’s role and redirects them to a different page if they are a pending vendor. This way, they can still access the vendor dashboard, update their store settings, and submit products without being visible on your website until they are approved. Once they are approved, their role can be changed to ‘vendor’, and they will be displayed on your dynamic pages.

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      Thanks for your help .

Viewing 12 reply threads

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