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      Zia Rahim

      We have a few vendors that are we are changing zero commission.

      But instead it is calculating the commission at 100%.


      vendor name: Charlie Badam Pista
      commission: 0

      Product price £25
      Commission owed is £25

      I believe this is an error, can you provide a fix for this please?

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      Zia Rahim

      Thank you.

      Another issue we found was that failed orders are also appearing in the comission section.

      This is really confusing because we think the vendor is owed for a sale that didnt happen.

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      @Zia Rahim When an order is successfully placed, MultiVendorX generates a corresponding vendor commission. The coding structure ensures that for a failed order, no commission is generated.

      If the flow does not work as expected on your end, please share with us the steps to recreate a failed order. We are unable to replicate this issue on our end, and your insights will help us investigate and address any concerns.

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      Zia Rahim

      Hi Sangita

      Its difficult to replicate a failed order on a dev environment. The way to do this is to create a manual order from the backend and then manually change the status to failed.

      This normally happens when someone tries to pay but the payment fails.

      Since you identified the first issue, can you tell me when it will be included in the next update?

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      @Zia Rahim On our end, We have placed an order and from the backend changed the order status to failed order. Now as the order has been placed successfully initially that is why the commission is getting created and when the order status is changed manually by the admin the created commission stays just as earlier. We are sure, if an order has failed status then commission will not be there. At the same time, MultiVendorX will pay the commission to the vendor only if the order status is completed or processing.

      Regarding the zero commision, the fix for the issue with vendor commission will get added in our next update. So, for now please use the fix shared here :

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