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Difference between shop page and single product page

WCMp Catalog Enquiry

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      Sergio Nuzzo

      Hi, I’ve installed WCMp Catalog Enquiry Pro in my Woocommerce. I’m using a theme and some templates based on Elementor Pro.

      Im my website all products are in catalog version: no one can buy from the website.

      Now I want to have some categories that shown the product prices and some categories not shown the product prices.

      I tried to hidden prices in some categories and replace price with a text… the result is strange: I can see the price in shop page for excluded categories but, if I click on a single product, I see the “replacing text” instead the price.

      Can you help me to fix it?

    • #114759
      Sergio Nuzzo

      I’ve tried without the option “replace price with text”, so I tried only to hidden prices for some categories… the result is the same: the plugin remove correctly the price in shop pages but I can see the price in the single product page.

      I want to underline that the single product page is made with a Elementor Pro template.

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      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Can you please recreate the issue at your end and share a video of it with us so that we can guide you more efficiently.

      Waiting for your reply.

    • #119139

      We have not received any update from you for a long. Hope this ticket is already been resolved.

      We are now closing this ticket. Kindly create a new one if you need any further help.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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