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      Justin Harrison

      Hi, I’m working on various custom integrations but there aren’t any action hooks for me to add additional information/sections to the order detail screen (vendor-order-detail.php). Could do_action hooks be added to the bottom/end of the two columns to allow additional widgets/integrations to show information there (like around line 89 and 95) or even after both columns would be okay (around line 97)? Any other additional action hooks throughout the vendor dashboard would be helpful as well, but this screen is one where it would be helpful to use an action hook to show custom integration data about orders. Thank you!

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      @!Justin Harrison, can you please share a screenshot of the place where do you want to add this extra field? So we can assist you accordingly.

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      Justin Harrison

      https://prnt.sc/00lA-6X4jkjh – Anywhere there is a white line would be useful (in file vendor-order-details.php). I don’t necessarily need a do_action hook everywhere, but wherever you see as logical placement. I don’t need to add fields. I need to add sections so like a custom shipping integration to have a section that displays shipping information below the order.

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      Instead of showing backend changes, we need you to share a frontend image to explain what flow you are looking for so we can assist you with this.

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