Grammatical errors in default text used; how to fix?

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      Hi there,

      Unfortunately I have noticed more than a few grammatical errors and mistakes with customer facing functions of the plugin which don’t look very good for my website; how can I fix these? Is there a single place where strings/sentences used in the plugin can be changed? Or is there another straightforward way to change them?

      I would rather not go through individual plugin files looking for fixes.

      I have attached two samples of grammatical errors, and there are more.

      Could you please help?

      Thanks. 🙂

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      @embpri Sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix all these in our next update.
      For now, You can use the Loco translate plugin to translate the strings of the plugin.
      You can refer to this doc for translating MultiVendorX using loco translate.

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      Thank you very much, this is exactly the kind of solution I was hoping for! Please close this topic as my issue is resolved. 🙂

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      You are welcome.
      Please create a new support thread if you face issue or need help in future.

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