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      I’m creating a store with all-digital products, in which case the vendors will never need to see the customers’ contact details. It is also important for my business that they do not have access to these details.

      Is it possible to hide all instances of customer details from vendors? So far I have seen many instances where the customer’s email and other details are shown to the vendor (orders, order summaries, CSV exports, etc.)

      Is there a module/plugin or custom code snippet I can use to disable all these instances?

      Thank you.

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      Kindly add the below code in the functions.php file in your current active theme –

      add_filter('show_cust_address_field', '__return_false');
      add_filter('show_cust_billing_address_field', '__return_false');
      add_filter('show_cust_shipping_address_field', '__return_false');
      add_filter('is_vendor_can_see_order_billing_address', '__return_false');
      add_filter('is_vendor_can_see_order_shipping_address', '__return_false');
      add_filter('is_vendor_can_see_customer_details', '__return_false');
      add_filter('show_customer_details_in_export_orders', '__return_false');
      add_filter('show_customer_billing_address_in_export_orders', '__return_false');
      add_filter('show_customer_shipping_address_in_export_orders', '__return_false');
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      Its been long and we have not heard back from you. We presume your query is solved now. We are closing this thread. if you need help or face issue in future please create a new support topic.

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