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Orders report is blank

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      Hi there,

      THere’s something wrong with my Monthly store orders report. There are 3 orders last month, but the report saying no orders.

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      @tim-1673, as per our flow, we will display the data, only if the order status is either completed/processing.

      As you can see those orders are On Hold, hence it is showing blank in the report.

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        Thank you very much for getting back to me. Yes, that makes sense!!! Just another question, do you happen to know why the order’s status is on hold, where can I edit it? The yellow clock icon saying it’s on hold, but the status column saying the order is completed?


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      Tim, basically When an order is created on the woocommerce end, we create the corresponding sub-order.
      – Now, we check the initial order status of the order from woocommerce’s main order and set the same order status for suborders too
      – After that, each vendor/admin needs to change the order status for each sub-order
      – Therefore, apart from initial order status, if you change the status of an order, this will not affect the sub order’s status

      Now if you refer to the images, the right-hand side status is actual parent order status, and the left one side is of sub-order. Hence either admin or vendor needs to change the status of those orders.

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        Cool, thanks a lot! I am wondering if it can be done automatically? Does it have to be done manually?


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      @tim-1673, we do have some code to sync parent and child order status. You can get them here :

    • #129647

      Hi, we haven’t heard back from you for a while. We presume this issue has been fixed.

      Please open another thread if you need any further help

Viewing 4 reply threads

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