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      I am building an app using WordPress, Woocommerce and WCMp as a headless CMS and I would like to know if it is possible to :
      – Generate PDF invoices with an API call
      – Manage de vendor vacation plugin with an API call

      Thanks in advance and have a good day !

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      – In case of vacation this is completely possible. Because we have saved everything on usermeta/postmeta/options table. so by using wodpress api call you can easily achive this.
      – In case of pdf invoice everyting is directly possible except pdg generate. admin end this is possbile directly because we have added a select option on wordpress select section on order page and order listing page. So everyting is on wordpress default structure. But in case of vendor end you have to create a funtion on register_rest_route.

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      Ok nice ! Thank you for your answer
      Have a nice day

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      We are happy to help 🙂

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