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      For a long time I have been trying to figure out why the wordpress admin dashboard
      And part of the website functions Works so very slowly .

      At first I thought it was a server problem Or a theme issue .
      But then I found the cause , the plugin WCMp PDF Invoices .

      If I cancel the plugin everything works smoothly, there is no slowness
      on the wordpress admin dashboard or the website functions .

      It is important to say that I use all the WCMp plugin
      And they all work great except WCMp PDF Invoices which Causing the problem.

      In a test I did on the server, when the plugin WCMp PDF Invoices works
      it writes in quantities to disk non-stop .

      Would appreciate help .

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      Hi erez, thanks for explaining the issue.
      It might happen that you have many data in your sire, which is causing a storage limit issue.

      But in order to inspect this, we need your help. First, please disable all the plugins except WooCommerce, WC Marketplace, and our addons. Check the speed.
      Also, clear the case and transient on your server end and from your site too.

      Kindly let us know the result so we can help you out.

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      Hi, just need to cancel the plugin WCMp PDF Invoices And immediately the problem disappears .
      As soon as I Turns it on The problem recurs .

      I wish I could show it to you on video , In any case it is not urgent .
      Maybe The plugin conflict with another plugin and cause a problem ?

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      Please do create a staging site and share a temporary admin, ftp access to that site. Our team will check this on your end.
      While sharing the access, don’t forget to mark the response as private.

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      Yes, it might occur with any plugin/theme or custom theme conflict. This may not cache issue because you are saying when you deactivate it your problem solved. You have to deactivate the plugin and theme one by one to debug this issue. If you have any cache plugin on your site then you can try to clear cache or deactivate this plugin to check the status.

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      Please close this ticket

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