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      Dear Support Team,

      I am writing to report an issue with a commission error on my WCMP Marketplace store. I accidentally modified the status of an order, marking it as cancelled. As a result, the commission owed to the seller for that order was removed from their account.

      And I would like to correct the issue as soon as possible. Could you please help me to resolve this error by crediting the commission owed to the seller for the cancelled order?

      I am available to provide any relevant information that you may need to resolve this error.

      Thank you in advance for your assistance and diligence in this matter.


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      If an order status becomes canceled, the commission associated with the order also gets deleted.
      You need to change the status back to completed and regenerate the commission as shared in this screenshot :–

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      sorry but the screenshot does not appear

    • #180450 from the dropdown choose Regenerate order commission.

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      It’s been a while and we have not heard back from you . We presume your query is solved now . So we are closing this thread . If you face issue in future please open a new thread .

Viewing 4 reply threads

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