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      I would like to request for a feature in which a vendor shall have the ability to confirm/accept a booking order for rental products as available in booking products. Thanks.

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      @Chris we are thinking of enhancing this feature in our future updates .

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      Alright, thanks! It would be great for many rental applications as some vendors might have some preferences when it comes to renting out their products.

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      @Chris, we checked the rental plugin flow. There is no way for the admin to approve an order.

      Can you please check whether we are missing any such flow, Becasue if the rental plugin itself doesn’t allow this flow, then it will be very difficult to implement this for vendors.

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      You’re right. The rental plugin seems like doesn’t have any approval flow.

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      @Chris, in that case there is really very little can be done.

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      Hi there, I understand that it’s difficult to implement for vendors. Do you any plan to integrate any order approval plugins available in the market?
      I’ve found a few such as https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-order-approval/24935450 , https://wordpress.org/plugins/order-approval-woocommerce/

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      Currently we do not have any such plan. But in future if we get mass requests from our users we may think of implementing the flow.

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      Alright. Again, great sales and marketing strategies man. Great sales listings as well where in fact you’re lacking so many essential features and full of bugs. How are you going to know if there’s mass requests from users? I could remembered that months ago, even years ago many users mentioning TalkJS is hell lots unworthy for communication and then? There’s much more cheaper alternatives which works good for communication in the market… How the hell are we going to “Manage Your Own Uber with MultivendorX Rental Marketplace” & “Build Your Own AirBnB with MultivendorX Marketplace Bookings” when you’re lacking so many essential features that I’ve found out since the date I’ve purchased the plugin and dive deep into it? Now, tell me, did a transportation company allows their vendors to accept all orders or they have to choice to accept their orders? Now, tell me, did a hotel or lounge, or the AirBnB allows their vendors to accept whatever customers that orders??????? You know AirBnB have reservation request that allow host to accept or decline right??????? What if you only allow females to book your rooms but a male book it even though you mentioned in the description that its only for females and you found out that its a male booking from their checkout details? So? You have to accept it also since the payment is made? Of course no, then who will be blame for? Now, tell me, for in-home services, if the order is 25km away from your location, or even further away, and its in the evening, night or even midnight, which is not convenient to you, and what would you do if you’re forced to accept it??? And how does the customer feels if his orders is accepted and no one arrives???

      Undeniable, the best sales team on the Earth https://prnt.sc/cdM3-XOpinWP

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      Healthcare professionals, storage spaces, vehicle rentals, house or spaces, rv or camper, great great great !

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      Great marketing for real estate as well, are these even ready for simple set-up with A FEW STEPS? Oh maybe the few steps gonna took months 🙂 https://prnt.sc/GFlQ2KlANRRQ

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      Not to worry @Chris
      Let me assist you with this. Whenever you are configuring booking or rental there comes a third party dependency with that. So depending on that we have to implement the dependency with ours.
      Such as WooCommerce booking gives an option to the admin for confirmation of the booking. So we have also added that option for the vendors https://prnt.sc/teq7qsM4yETf. With this unless a vendor confirms the booking the customer will not pay for that.
      However, as far as I can see WooCommerce Rental and bookings does not have any such option.
      Now if the rental plugin introduces the feature in future we would also be happy to collaborate with the plugin and add the same flow for vendors.
      Please understand It has nothing to do with the promotion strategy. We always want to present the best for our users.

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      Why do you pick this plugin then? I don’t think this plugin has even 10% of AirBnB like features, its obviously for item rental like bikes, yachts which requires pickup location etc? And the pricing is optimized only for daily and hourly rentals. You have to customize the source code to make it compatible for flexible pricing. Get it right, simple item rental marketplace, not an AirBnB like rental marketplace. Another point is that the plugin is rental optimized for ADMIN using WooCommerce, so you guys are developing a plugin involving multiple vendors and admin, isn’t reservation request approval a consideration feature for rental related?? The most essential feature for marketplace is the relationship between admin, vendor & customer. And both communication and order approval feature are missing tho. Back to the topic, do you ever rent your laptop, bikes, yachts, spaces, rooms, houses, or whatsoever to strangers without any confirmation or approval prior to simple screening? Most rental marketplace, even hotels have the option to accept or decline customer’s reservation request well. You know why I picked your plugin? Oh yeah, that’s probably an ‘AirBnB-liked rental marketplace’ with many limitations 🙂 Great promotions 🙂

      Yeah, the rental plugin didn’t have the feature to accept the booking even for admin. But that’s fine, admin can use many order approval plugin available in the market to get this done. So what about vendors? Vendors cannot?? Even WooCommerce bookings knows the needs of approval feature, what about a marketplace plugin? So, why again you pick the plugin that doesn’t have vital approval feature? Vendors doesn’t have the right to approve or reject orders? And you’re telling me that you might implement if there’s mass request? Oh yeah, WooCommerce bookings have mass request, and MVX doesn’t have. Maybe nobody is seriously using the rental feature I guess 🙂

      So, answer me, for vendor-customer communication, did alot of users complaining about expensive subscription for TalkJS plan and looking for alternatives? I found many forums threads mentioning this years ago but what’s the outcome? Oh, maybe unusable Messenger 🙂 Well, there’s alot of cheaper and more optimized alternatives to TalkJS plan man. Tell your user that they have to purchase lots of lots of plugins and subscribe to more and more plans instead of just FEW CLICKS lol

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      And this, https://prnt.sc/GFlQ2KlANRRQ, where does this comes from? Yeah, great marketing 🙂

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      Your Booking is full of bugs when I’m setting it up and you don’t even include their confirmation feature until I requested. And, the persons and resources issues still not yet fixed and you’re telling me third party dependency… I’m so dissapointed. I’m ready for 1 or 2 months setup but it took me so so so many months since my purchase to set the basic stuff and features 🙂 What a FEW CLICKS

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      A very simple and common issue in rental marketplace, vendor doesn’t want to rent to the customer that book and customer paid via admin’s marketplace because it doesn’t have vendor’s approval feature. So, what’s the consequences? Admin have to pay back to the customer and bear the refund fees. Admin has to compensate & apologize to the customer for the lack of the marketplace consideration on customer side. Customer doesn’t have place to stay, or things to use if the vendor doesn’t notify until last minute. What kind of compensation is enough for losing customers trusts? Even vendors will also be leaving the marketplace as they cannot freely decide whether to accept or decline the reservation request according to their convenience… Think about it lol…A rental plugin doesn’t need to have confirmation feature since its meant for rental. However, a marketplace plugin that involves multiple parties with multiple thoughts and preferences, do you think its vital?

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      @Chris We are really sorry for all the inconvenience.

      Also We are really thankful to you as you have really helped us to notice and modify bugs with the booking marketplace module.

      We have added a temporary fix on your staging site for which the persons and resources tabs are present in the product meta data when product type is selected as Bookable product.

      Our team is still working on the issue and we will add the fix for the issue in our next update.
      As shared earlier, for the confirmation in rental it is really very difficult to add a new flow for vendors that is not present in the core plugin itself.

      Hope you understand.

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      Its been a while and we have not heard back from you. We presume your issue is solved now. We are closing this thread as of now. If you need help or face issue in future please open a new support topic.

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