Seller Dashboard, the refund option WCMp Paypal Checkout is not available

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      tony landry


      in Woocommerce in Admin I can refund with WCMP Paypal Checkout and it works with my paypal account.

      In the Seller Dashboard, the refund option with WCMp Paypal Checkout is not available. And when the seller makes a refund Manually, it does not communicate with his paypal account to make the refund. it does not work. manually refunding just marks the refund as refunded and the seller is forced to go to their paypal account and do the manual refund.

      Why WCMp paypal Checkout option is not in seller dashboard?

      How do I configure it to show up in the seller’s dashboard?

      Do you have a procedure please to solve this configuration?

      thank you.

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      Hi, thank you for your query.
      Currently, automatic refund using Paypal is not supported in WCMp.
      However, we will add the compatibility with WCMp Paypal for refund as well as Woocommerce Subscription in our future update.

      Our team is currently working on a huge update for WCMp 4.0. Once version 4.0 will be released, we will start working on this update.

      We will keep you updated.

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      tony landry

      perfect, I can’t wait to have this feature so that my sellers can reimburse their customer directly in the seller’s dashboard which will be connected with their paypal account directly.

      for the moment, I have explained to my sellers that to make a refund to customers, the seller must do so in their paypal account and not in the dashboard.
      and for the reimbursement of the admin commission, the seller must ask me and I reimburse the commission directly to the customer with my paypal account.

      waiting and impatient to see the new version 4.1 of your product including the paypal reimbursement function for sellers and admin directly in the dashboard.

      Good day

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      Thank you.
      We will keep you posted.

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