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      If a customer applies a coupon when ordering, is it possible to show the commission in the vendor-new-order email before the discount is applied? This is because my marketplace gives out coupons to customers but the vendor still receives the full commission.

      Currently the commission values shown in the vendor new order email are after the discount is applied. Is there a way to show the values before the discount is applied?

      Vendor A pays 10% commission to admin.
      Customer buy products worth £100 with vendor A. Customer uses 50% discount so pays £50.
      Current behaviour: Vendor A receives vendor-new-order email that shows Total Commission as £50.
      Desired behaviour: Vendor A receives vendor-new-order email that shows Total Commission as £90.

      Is this possible?

      Thanks so much!

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      Hi, thanks for getting in touch with us.
      In order to share the coupon discount with vendors enable “Share Coupon Discount” via WCMp>Settings>Payments>What to Pay (see screenshot- )
      Kindly note that comission for vendors will be calculated only after the deduction of coupon amount.

      However if you don’t want your vendors to bear the coupon amount then disable the option “Share Coupon Discount”.

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      I don’t want to share coupon price with vendor. Vendor commission is set to 90% means admin will get 10%. But issue still persists.
      For example user purchases a $140 product with $100 gift card. This will shows vendor order price of $40. I still want to show order price $126 to vendor.

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      Kindly also let me know if you find any solution

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      @farazhussain3292, generally we simply fetch the order details from woocommerce, therefore vendor will see the order price as 40

      Now if you still want to show the order price as 140, then you need to do a custom code. Let me check with my team whether we have any readymade code for this.

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      But your already provided the functionality that vendor will or will not bear the coupon cost. Then in this scenario why vendor is bearing the cost.
      Kindly share the code for this purpose. I will be very grateful

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      @farazhussain3292, it seems like an issue on our end.
      Our team is looking into this.
      For now, you can track the progress of this issue from here

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