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upcoming 3DS2 protocol

WCMp Mangopay Marketplace

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      Hello !

      I have been informed by MangoPay that there will have some changes in their API concerning 3DS2 protocol, and that it may imply changes on websites where Mangopay is implemented
      So is the WCMP MangoPay Marketplace plugin compliant with this protocol as intended by MangoPay ?

      Here is the documentation on this subject that I received :

      Many thanks in advance

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      Hi @jordan, This is a type of 3d secure payment like stripe/PayPal. Maybe they have newly enhanced their api.

      We need to check the total doc and need to do some research on it. Forgiving this support we need to modify the complete code and add it as per the new MANGOPAY structure. WE also need to communicate with MANGOPAY for this.

      But, we will surely start R&D abount this.

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      what’s the status of 3DS2 ? As i understood we need this update very soon

    • #127383

      @Adrien, currently we are working on new structure of WCMp. Once this will be done, the team will start working on Mangopay.

    • #135822

      Some users were unable to view the 3DS authentication page on their device.
      Actually see it as a security threat.
      Compatibility issues when the authentication process is conducted on mobile browsers.

    • #135831

      @shepardbrisa5, can you share a video of the issue so we can assist you accordingly.

      Looking for your co-operation regarding the same.

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      I don’t have access to specific information about third-party plugins or their compliance with MangoPay’s API changes. However, according to MangoPay’s documentation, they have recently updated their API to comply with 3DS2 protocol requirements.

      To ensure that your website and any related plugins, such as the WCMP MangoPay Marketplace plugin, are fully compliant with MangoPay’s API changes, you may need to review your implementation of MangoPay’s API and update it accordingly.

      You may also want to reach out to the developers of the WCMP MangoPay Marketplace plugin or the support team of MangoPay to confirm whether the plugin is compatible with the updated API and to get any necessary guidance for updating your implementation.

      I hope this helps!

    • #190002

      @aminj.abari242, Thanks for sharing this information. Our team will start working on this soon.

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      According to the documentation you provided, MangoPay is updating its API to support the 3DS2 protocol, which is intended to provide stronger security for online transactions.

      If your website uses MangoPay to process payments, you may need to update your integration to support the new 3DS2 protocol. It is recommended that you review the documentation carefully and reach out to MangoPay support or your plugin provider for guidance on how to ensure compliance with the updated API.
      I hope this information may useful for you.

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      Thanks for your help @ja.nettabloomquist

Viewing 9 reply threads

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