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      Hello WCMP Team,

      We noticed that PDF invoices/packing slips aren’t displaying Variations. Also, as Woocommerce product Add-Ons is supported by WCMP, which is awesome, it would be ideal for Add-Ons to display in the invoices/packing slips.

      I believe I asked about this a while ago and there were plans to fix but it never happened. Would it be possible to make this available? We have many vendors asking why they can’t see the variation/add-on details on these. Thank you!

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      Hi, thank you for getting in touch with us.
      We tried to recreate this on our end but didn’t face any such issues.
      Kindly refer to the link below.
      Kindly note that you might be using the old version of the plugin, so update the plugin.

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      Yes, you appear to be correct! After updating, it’s not cutting off any longer and showing the variations/addons. Thank you.

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      I spoke too soon! The issue appears when you have more than one variation. If you do, they all drop off. It works fine when you have 1 variation though. Can you look into fixing? It would be much appreciated. See attached examples.

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      We tried to recreate this on our end but didn’t face any such issues.
      Kindly refer to the link :
      Kindly create a staging site and share admin, ftp access so that our team can look into it.
      Please note that do not forget to mark the response while sharing the access.

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      Thanks for sharing your video. Yes, it would work in your instance as you are using a very short product name, and the variation names are short in length. Woocommerce will change how they display (sometimes on product title or underneath) depending on how long they are and how many variations there are. Sometimes it will append the variation to the product title, and other times it will place it underneath the product name all depending on the length of the items. Please see this as a reference:

      Basically, we need to have the PDF invoices plugin not only display the variation attached to the title (which is what is showing in the PDF Invoices plugin right now), but, also cycle through to see if Woocommerce decided to place the variations outside of the product name title. It would need to display those before the product Add On options as well (thanks for supporting Add-Ons!). It needs to display exactly as it does for the vendor on their order if possible (minus the Variation ID of course).

      I’m attaching an example with 3 variations for reference.

      Thanks for looking further into it.

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      @redilson, it will really help us if you can share a video regarding how can we recreate this.
      Looking for your co-operation regarding the same.

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      Thank you for reporting the issue.
      We have found this issue on our end and will fix this in our future update.

      You can track the issue from here:

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      Excellent, thank you very much!!

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      @redilson, in the next update of MultiVendorX Pro we will add this option.

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