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Vendor vaccation plugin – API license key showing deactive staus

WCMp Vendor Vacation

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      I bought the license in April 2021 but didn’t implement it for technical issues. now for testing am trying and the status of the plugin same shows – Deactive.

      please help

    • #126070

      Hi, as you can see in the image below that the key is already been activated in another account.

      Kindly deactivate the key and activate this in another site.

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    • #126149

      Point 1:
      Please note is the testing environment for the live site. I hope the plugin should work for the domain irrespective of it’s in live or staging.

      Point 2:
      Please refer to the screenshot attached. The plugin has already been removed from the live site and it’s installed only in staging for testing purposes.

    • #126156, you can install the plugin in any number of site. But the key can only be active in a single site.

      Active key ensures that you will receive all the updates.

    • #126157

      @support, Please revert for point 2. The plugin is activated in single site only. Still the status is DEACTIVE

    • #126163

      Your key is already activated on a site, you can deactivate the key from here:

      After deactivating the key, you can reactivate this.

    • #126177

      Did the same. But no change in the status. Still showing deactivated

    • #126178, I have reset your account.

      Please deactivate and activate the plugin, and then activate the key.

      Let us know if this fixed the issue.

    • #126190

      the API Key Status still shows “Deactivated” status.

    • #126250, in that case, please share temporary admin access to your site so we can check.
      While sharing the access, don’t forget to mark the response as private.

    • #126285
      This reply has been marked as private.
    • #126300, we have activated the keys in your site, please check.

    • #129655

      Hi, we haven’t heard back from you for a while. We presume this issue has been fixed.

      Please open another thread if you need any further help

Viewing 13 reply threads

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