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[WooCommerce Product Stock Alert] Version 2.1.0 deletes subscribed users by 95%

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      [WooCommerce Product Stock Alert] In version 2.0.3, I have 434 records on the notification list… upgrade to version 2.1.0 and I have 24 total. There is no rhyme or reason to it either.

      When I roll-back to version 2.0.3, all of these records return, so they ARE still in the database, but are not accessible to version 2.1.0. This is also the case on the product page showing subscribers.

      Version 2.0.3 Before & After Upgrade/RollBack shown first… all 3 products show active interested persons. After upgrade to 2.1.0, all show zero. This matches the exported excel files.

      I usually disable that and run a cron job routine scheduled on my server (wp-cron.php runs every 5 minutes).

      I also tried re-enabling the standard WordPress cron routine and still no success.

      This was originally posted here:

    • #212994

      Hello @bobloblawvegas, Sorry to hear that you have faced an issue on your end. But not to worry.
      Our team is looking into this. Hopefully by today we will be able to release an update with a fix for this issue.

    • #214040

      Sangita – I see that version 2.2.0 has released and I installed it this morning. I have now had it installed for 5 hours (my cron job runs server side every 30 minutes). This has not fixed the issue.

    • #214052 Sorry to hear that you are still facing issue on your end.
      Please create a staging site that should be an exact replica of your live site and share the staging site url, temporary admin and ftp access with us so that we can check the issue on your end and help you accordingly.
      While sharing the access don’t forget to mark your reply as private.

    • #214075
      This reply has been marked as private.
    • #214101 Thanks for sharing the access with us.
      Kindly add the plugin from here on your end and check if this fixes the issue on your end or not.

    • #214286

      tested on staging site and no change. I will test on production / live site.

    • #214315 Sorry to hear that you are still facing the issue on your end. Our team is looking into the issue. Kindly provide us a little time.

    • #214540 As this is a database issue so we need the MYSQL dump of your database. Please provide us with the MYSQL dump of your database, or grant us permission to export the data from your staging site to facilitate the process.

      Waiting for you reply.

    • #214724

      I tested on the live site and initially just installed the downloaded version over the installed 2.2.0.

      I then rolled back to 2.0.3 to confirm everything was still in the database (subscribers). I then installed the downloaded 2.2.0 that you provided as an upgrade to 2.0.3 and THAT WORKED.

      HOWEVER, now for another bug…

      Now that 2.2.0 is working, I have the administrator email to receive notifications when a customer subscribes to a product. It works fine on simple products, but on Variable Products, the administrator notification emails do not show the variation that a customer subscribes to, only the parent product.

    • #214725

      Also for additional information…
      After the database was properly updated to the new format, I rolled the plugin down to 2.1.0 and then re-upgraded to 2.2.0 using the PUBLIC version, not the one you provided. So I am back on the production version of the 2.2.0 plugin.

    • #214795

      Hi I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve had with the recent update earlier.

      However, we are glad to hear that your issue with the exported subscriber list has been resolved. But we have added a better solution on our end where all the old data of the subscribers are getting migrated very smoothly. We will release the update today. After that You can simply update the plugin to its latest version and check.
      However we are able to recreate the issue with all details of the variation not present in the subscriber mail.
      We will add a fix for this issue in our next update. You can keep a track of the issue from here

    • #214882

      Hello, I wanted to check in regarding the previous concern with the exported subscriber list. We’ve implemented a fix for this in our latest update. Could you please confirm whether the latest version has successfully resolved the issue on your end?

    • #216949

      It’s been long and we have not heard back from you. We presume your issue is resolved now. We are closing this thread as of now. If you need help or face issue in future please create a new support thread.

Viewing 13 reply threads

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