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10 Best WooCommerce Themes in 2024

WooCommerce has achieved such popularity that you wouldn’t be overstating if you said it is one of the best platforms to create an online marketplace. Besides all the benefits, one of the best aspects of WooCommerce is its vast selection of themes . A user-friendly and attractive theme will give a greater chance of attracting and retaining  your customers. However, picking the perfect theme may prove to be challenging most times. Therefore, you should take great care when choosing one. 

And if you are also looking for a perfect theme for your eCommerce store, then, we have a treat for you! 

We have compiled a list of the best WooCommerce themes for 2022. Whatever your online selling needs are, we are sure to have what you’re looking for!

  1. Handy Shop 

 Handy Shop is a fully customizable eCommerce theme that offers 40+ side grid post, dynamic sidebar, and much more. This theme is SEO optimized and compatible with multiple plugins. Its multiple product page variations and 1-6 column grid makes handy shop worth a look. If modern and clean design is your thing then this may be the right option for you.

  1. iuSTore

If you want to create fashion-related marketplace, then iuSTORE is designed to meet your demands. It’s a customizable WooCommerce WordPress theme created for an online fashion and accessory store. The theme has a plethora of pre-designed pages for displaying your primary services, your store’s inventory, your gallery, and much more.

  1. Angro

Angro is a complete B2B & B2C solution for marketplaces that includes wholesale, B2B, B2B & B2C, as well as exclusive shopping sections within the WooCommerce store. Features of Angro include a grid view, list view, MT Mega Menu, custom 404 page template, and 600+ google fonts.

  1. Fluence

Fluence is a responsive WordPress theme created specifically for bookshops.  It comes with a set of strong extensions that are available for free, as well as the best features. It comes with a collection of strong extensions that are available for free. Additionally this WooCommerce theme is geared for speed and SEO.

  1. XStore

XStore comes with a number of pages, tools, and choices that will assist you in creating an attractive and reliable online marketplace. Along with that XStore comes with a number of widgets that can help you enhance the way your customers see your marketplace. This theme also includes a number of widgets that will assist you in improving the acceptance and usage of your store. The Theme Options are simple to use and don’t demand any prior expertise, giving value to a stunning fully responsive WooCommerce theme.

  1. Rigid

Rigid is a retina ready fully responsive theme. You can adjust the menu even on a per-page basis. Rigid offers more than 100 pre-made pages, more than 600 theme and page choices, unlimited colours and backgrounds, and unlimited header styles and much more. Rigid will provide you with the tools you need to improve, speed up, and sell more on your website.

  1. Milano

Milano is a clean and modern Fashion WooCommerce WordPress theme that you can choose for your online store. Having an e-commerce theme like Milano will give your eCommerce site a professional look and feel. This theme is ideal for fashion retailers.Milano offers a variety of attractive homepages that are ready to use following a simple one-click installation. So get started on creating an engaging online store with a trendy UI and a current design style.

  1. Zorka

12 different homepages. Yup, you heard that right. With Zorka, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. However, it doesn’t stop there. Feature types supported by Zokra include different fonts, headers, wish lists, and much more. Additionally, it offers a child theme. Now what makes child themes so great? By altering the code of the child theme, you can change the appearance and feel of the theme without making any modifications to the original theme. It’s a great way of experimenting with theme.

  1. ShopMe

ShopMe has a beautiful, easy-to-use design on the front end and a powerful, flexible back end on the back end. Because of its adaptability, it can be used for any type of online store. The theme comes with all of the necessary ecommerce elements to help you create a great online store. Among other features, this website has a responsive layout, retina-ready design, cross-browser compatibility, and 600+ Google web fonts. 

  1. EmallShop

Using EmallShop will bring your marketplace up-to-date and make its products stand out more. It helps visitors see your online store in a more impressive and attractive way with the Emallshop WooCommerce theme. This theme will make your online shop appear more astonishing and appealing to viewers with its modern style.  Additionally, it will assist  in achieving a high engagement rate with your consumers.

Over to you, 

So there you have it, the 10 best WooCommerce WordPress themes. These themes are selected according to various factors including performance, SEO, features, customizability, and eMarketplace compatibility. What’s even more exciting is that all of these themes are compatible with the MultiVendorX. Choosing any of these options will make your online marketplace visually appealing. It would however be easier to find the right theme if you figure out your needs first.

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