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What we learnt from our customers

Today’s consumers do not buy just products or services-more and more, their purchase decisions revolve around buying into an idea and an experience. McKinsey.

Yes, we are aware of the importance of the entire experience when you engage with us. That’s the reason why we are very particular about our Customer Service and try our best to cater to your each and every need when you choose MultiVendorX (WC Marketplace) . We believe that when customers are sharing their needs and problems with us, they are actually teaching us how to serve them better. And improve our product.

According to Forrester- “The majority (66%) of adults feel that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer experience.” 


We are always there to listen to you, answer your queries and solve any problem that you face with our plugin. We are fully aware that customer service is important enough for people to spend more money in order to engage with a brand with good customer service. In fact 86% of customers are willing to pay 25% more for getting a better customer service experience. 

But, don’t worry because when you choose MultiVendorX, you don’t have to pay anything extra to avail of an excellent Customer Service and Support system. It’ll be our honour to assist you in your marketplace journey. 


Harris Interactive once found out that- “75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent.” No, at MultiVendorX you don’t have to wait that long for reaching our Customer Service team. You can get in touch with us with your queries/problems and our Support Engineers and Customer Service members will contact you within the stipulated time.

Listen to what our happy customers have to say about WC Marketplace.

MultiVendorX is a beginner’s Delight

For a beginner in any new technology there is always the apprehension of adapting to a new system. And then of course, there is the question ‘Will this be a value for money’?  Or ‘Who will bail me out if I get stuck somewhere?’ We fully understand the dilemmas of beginners and first-time users.  And it reflects in testimonials like the following- 

“As a beginner what are the things that I was looking for?

Firstly, I was looking for a quick Support System when there is an error in my site because I don’t want to leave my customers waiting for maintenance and then lose them to another site. So I’m very satisfied with the support and trusted customer service. I must mention the low cost of the extensions. Also the vendor fronted manager is lovely and easy to use. Moreover, it also has Arabic translation. Vendors can import csv by one click instead of publishing products one by one. Totally worth my money” – moha29386 

We have a dedicated Support Team


Don’t worry about anything because our Support Team is there to walk by your side in your marketplace journey. According to Gartner- “When it comes to making a purchase, 64% of people find customer experience more important than price.” Being fully aware of the importance of the role that Customer Service plays in your life, we are always at your service.

Listen to what Fredo Lopez had to say- “Plugin works as promised and the customer service rocks.” He says- “Based on my personal experience with it, the plugin works very well. They’re always working to improve it. There are always regular updates that do not interfere with the overall performance of the plugin.”  

“Plugin works as promised and the Customer Service rocks.”

Fredo Lopez has also said that the Support Team is very helpful- “The Support Team has always been very responsive from the very beginning when I inquired about the plugin for the first time. Moumita excels in her customer service skills. She’s been and is always very attentive to any question that I had for the past two years. She always responds promptly to any question that you may have and follows up to solve any issues that you may encounter with the plugin, which might be minuscule. She always goes beyond offering help to inspect your site and solves the issues personally. That’s great customer support service.”

According to our customer itunes1995“The plugin is really awesome. Almost all important things are free to use! And the support within the forum is very great. Anyway for free support. I think it’s out of the ordinary that for something you don’t pay anything to receive source code which you just can copy/paste and if there are issues you will get further help.

Our customers have time and again reiterated the excellent support that they receive when they engage with MultiVendorX. Here is what another of our customers, dlaryea has to say- “I was extremely delighted by the excellent support I got after buying the Advanced Frontend Manager and MultiVendorX Vendor Membership plugins from WC Marketplace. All the issues I reported to them after installation were 100% resolved. Communication with the support team was awesome as they replied to all my emails within 24 hours. I highly recommend WC Marketplace and any add-on plugins you may want to purchase from them. They are available to ensure that you succeed in achieving all your objectives. Please keep up the good work WC Marketplace.”

If you need any assistance with MultiVendorX, or a Paid Extension, don’t hesitate to contact us. File for a Support Ticket or contact us through our Live Chats. Our Support Engineers are always at your service. 

Our customers are honoured members of our families


 We consider our customers to be our family members and so, we have built up a human-centric Online Support and Customer Service System with great care. Just like you reserve the very best for your family, we painstakingly create and bring to you the best version of our plugin. Keeping in mind your needs, which are of utmost importance for us, we keep updating and incorporating new features.

Take a look at what Axelte said about the plugin and the Support Team – “100% recommendable! Amazing plugin, it works perfectly as it is described and it is compatible 100% with woocommerce plugin. The Support is also great, always keen to help you with any issue you have and in a short time. So, I can only say thanks to all the WC Marketplace team and congratulations for your plugin.”  


 According to one of our customers, mehrab737 “Hello, this is great, I love it so much and enjoy working with it and I think it’s better than all plugins in this area, but I have a suggestion for your team to make and design the plugin more interesting and more pervasive. It is for this plugin to have a separate marketing plugin and collaborate on selling an affiliate that is consistent together (compatibility) so that when a vendor publishes a product and promotes a specially-link marketer, then a customer purchases this product with the marketer’s link; in step First, the profit of the marketer will be deducted from the total profit and paid to his account, and then the seller’s profit will be calculated. That is, For example, if the marketer’s profit is 20%, then his profit first and then 80% of the remaining profit will be credited to the seller’s account. Except for the dokan multivendor, it has a very little compatibility with the plugin yith woocommerce affiliates. If you design such a plugin, you’ll be much more powerful than your competitors in the very near future. I like your plugin so I do not want to move to another plugin due to marketing and multi vendor.Please design that very soon. Thanks a lot.”


We firmly believe in what Kristin Smaby has said- “When customers share their story, they’re not just sharing pain points. They’re actually teaching you how to make your product, service, and business better.” 

We welcome your suggestions and inputs and look forward to using them to serve you an even better experience with our plugin and Add-Ons.

For those who are critical and apprehensive about using MultiVendorX 


 It’s natural for first-timers and critics to feel apprehensive and skeptical. To dispel your doubts and apprehensions, listen to what the owner of fvwebdesign has to say – “I am very critical about the support and service I receive when I purchase a product of considerable value. My experience with MultiVendorX has been nothing less than exceptional! I had a couple of issues which I believe were a part of theme updates and software update conflicts. BUT, MultiVendorX stepped up and helped me big time. The communication was amazing and never did I go more than a day between messages (except on weekends of course). They always kept me informed as to where they were with the issues. The product…takes care of everything we wanted to do plus more. The additional controls for vendors saves us time and energy which we can put into marketing and administration. I can honestly say that I feel confident knowing we have quality support behind us if we ever need it again and we are using a quality product. A huge thanks from our team to MultiVendorX!” 

When you choose MultiVendorX, you actually give us a chance to serve you an experience that you’ll remember forever.

MultiVendorX has been successful across the world

WC Marketplace has been successful internationally as well. Hear it from one of our clients from Germany – “For all German potential users. I made a conscious decision for this plug-in because, among other things, it provided me with an ad on with the vendor vacation plug-in which I couldn’t find with any of the other providers. In addition, the Support is really perfect without any complaints. There has always been help! Knowledge of English is of course important” – gocatme 


 MultiVendorX has proven to be a compatible and flexible plugin for all kinds of marketplace- Product Marketplace, Rental Marketplace, Subscription Marketplace and Booking Marketplace and we work very hard to put a smile on our customers’ faces. We have used technology to humanize our relationship with our customers which is sacred to us. 

If you need any assistance with MultiVendorX or a Paid Addon, we would be happy to assist you to the best of our abilities. We try our best and work hard to help and support our customers in every way possible. While we really wish we could satisfy all our customers’ needs, we are really sorry that it isn’t always possible to fulfill all the demands. 

In an era when companies see online support as a way to shield themselves from ‘costly’ interactions with their customers, it’s time to consider an entirely different approach: building human-centric customer service through great people and clever technology. So, get to know your customers. Humanize them. Humanize yourself. It’s worth it. 

                                                                                          – Kristin Smaby

And we are trying to imbibe that!

Have queries? Contact us at our Support Forum and get all your answers.

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