Migrating to a new plugin might sound scary but believe us when we say it’s hardly an issue. Especially if you are planning to migrate to MultivendorX. By going through this document you can migrate to MultivendorX safely and effortlessly.

Migrating Setup #

We know what your concerns are when you think about migrating from your old marketplace plugin to the new one. To help reduce the load we have simplified the Migrating process.

New Users – Automatic Migration #

If you are a new user and are using MultiVendorX for the first time then the migration process couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do

  • Install MultiVendorX and wait for the Setup Wizard to appear.
  • Once the Setup Wizard appears, configure the basic setting.
  • MultiVendorX will scan for other marketplace software and initiate the migration process
  • And there you have it!

Manual Migration #

If you had MultiVendorX installed previously on your dashboard then the Setup Wizard might not appear. But don’t worry even without the Setup Wizard you can migrate seamlessly. All you need to do is :

  • Go to your dashboard and navigate to the MultiVendorX plugin.
  • Wait for the MultiVendorX menu to appear, select the tools and status option
  • When you land on the tools and status page, select the Migrate button.

Hope this tutorial helped you. Don’t wait install MultivendorX and get started now.

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