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MultiVendorX Marketplace Features
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Store Components


Admin's Workboard
To make sure you have seamless communication with your vendors, MultiVendorX provides you with both the announcement and knowledgebase features. With these two features, you can write small messages, educational tutorials or any other important data you want your vendors to know.
  • Announcement - Admin can send out important announcements to all sellers or a select group of sellers. sellers can view the announcements on their dashboard.
  • Knowledgebase - Admin can provide important tutorials to sellers in the knowledgebase. This way, sellers can fully comprehend how all the components in the seller's dashboard function.
  • My Task List/ Taskboard - Keeps a list of all your pending tasks
  • Messaging -  sellers can send direct messages to their store administrators via the messaging option.
    Module:    MultiVendorX Core|Read Documentation

    Store Management


    Vendors can add or edit coupons for their customers. The coupon feature lets vendors drag more traffic to their store, which will ultimately increase the sales.   
    • Build for:
    • Vendor
    Module:    MultiVendorX Core|Read Documentation