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MultiVendorX Marketplace Features
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Store Management


Vendor Dashboard
Sellers can monitor their overall sales, revenue, number of orders placed, purchased products,  and more from their Dashboard.
  • Order - From the orders section sellers can view their complete order details along with earnings per orders.
  • Product - In this Widget, a bar diagram is displayed showing the different product statuses. A list is then displayed from which vendors would be able to check how many of their products are completed, how many are pending, how many have been disapproved and how many of them are still just drafts. Vendors can also add product from here by selecting the add product button available below the list.
  • Banking Overview - This widget displays the total commission ready to be withdrawn by the vendor. The vendor gets a short run-down of transactions made in the last 5 days.
  • Build for:
  • Admin
  • Vendor
Module:    MultiVendorX Core|Read Documentation