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Store Management (12)

Personalised Staff Dashboard

Staff Manager

Let's the hired staff have access to a personalised dashboard where they manage their indidvidual store responsibilities

Display Store's Opening and Closing Time

Business Hours

Sellers get to notify customers about their store's working hours

Edit Shop’s Schedule

Business Hours

Let customers know about the seller’s business schedule by displaying the store working hours of a week in the form of a widget.

Send Notification from Followed StoreFree

MultiVendorX Core

Customers can follow the sellers they wish to receive notification from

Product ReviewFree

MultiVendorX Core

Allows customers to rate and review a partticular product like quality etc

Store ReviewFree

MultiVendorX Core

Lets customers review a particular store

Store PolicyFree

MultiVendorX Core

Story policy highlights the specific rules or conditions of the store. Example (no return, available exchange etc)

Add Vendor's Location to MapFree

MultiVendorX Core

Displays the location of a vendor's physical store


MultiVendorX Core

Vendors can add or edit coupons

Transaction OverviewFree

MultiVendorX Core

The banking overview gives a general overview of the seller's total income. Along with this it also displays the seller's initial balance, total debit, total credit, and ending balance.


MultiVendorX Core

Wcmp's product manager allows you to support your sellers in managing their products from the seller's dashboard.

Vendor DashboardFree

MultiVendorX Core

Sellers can monitor their overall sales, revenue, number of orders placed, purchased products, number of coupons, and more from the overview section.


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