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Add to Enquiry buttons not displaying at all

WCMp Catalog Enquiry

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      I’ve bought the paid version.

      The “Add to Cart” buttons are still displaying on the Shop pages, even though in the settings I have NOT Enabled Add to cart button. Why would it still be showing?

      Quite a few things not working after settings changed.

      I cannot see the “Add to Enquiry” button on Shop pages (still showing “Add to Cart”) button …
      I cannot see the “Add to Enquiry” button on the Single Product Page – NO button there at all now after enabling your plugin.

      Do I have to do some CSS code to get the button viewing possibly?

      Please if you can help urgently as I need to get this sorted in the next 5 hours for client as I’ve disabled the client website that was live and I have to get this fixed urgently.

      How long is your support for paid plugin to reply please?

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      I’m using Divi Theme. I’ve tried a general theme and same issue.

      My client site also has variations in each product also.
      I need to be able to have Multiple product enquiries in the Cart, as clients will want to enquire about 4 or 5 products at the same time so need to be able to add them all into the Enquiry cart.


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      There is no such issue on our end . Kindly check the video . There might be some theme/plugin conflict on your end . Kindly deactivate all the plugins except WooCommerce , Product catalog enquiry and Product Catalog Enquiry Pro and check again .

Viewing 3 reply threads

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