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Buyer can pay directly to seller wallets in online payment systems?

WCMp Stripe Marketplace

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      I want to create several small online stores on 1 domain.
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      I need to:
      + the seller can specify their wallets for online payment in different payment systems.
      + the buyer could pay directly to the seller’s wallets in online payment systems.
      + online payment systems made it possible to connect several wallets of different sellers for one marketplace domain.
      I’m not sure if marketplace plugins have this.
      Does your plugin have this feature?
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      Why is that:
      Typically, marketplaces accept payment to their account and pay the seller after the buyer accepts the goods. I am not a company and therefore I cannot work as a marketplace on a par with Amazon, control all payments and deliveries.
      Therefore, I need payment at all without the mediation of my marketplace site. While I’m getting promoted, I’ll have few sellers, and I don’t want to open a company account to accept and transfer money. A monthly subscription fee from each small online store will suit me.
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      If this is not feasible done in a marketplace, I can use WordPress Multisite to create multiple small stores on 1 domain.
      This is more difficult, since I will have to set up a separate store for each seller.
      if I start using WordPress Multisite, then I will never switch to the marketplace. Changing the engine will be extremely inconvenient. The marketplace engine or multisite will remain forever.

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      @v0van Thanks for reaching out to us.
      With MultiVendorX you get different payment gateway options to pay the vendors.
      Such as-
      Direct Bank transfer,
      PayPal Payout
      PayPal MassPay
      Stripe connect
      Stripe marketplace
      Paypal Marketplace

      Once the admin enables these payment gateways the vendor can choose any of these from his dashboard to receive his commission amount.
      Now as you want your vendors to receive their commission as soon as the customer buys the product , hence you will need to use MultiVendorX Pro PayPal Marketplace or Stripe Marketplace module for real time split.
      To know in details about these modules you can refer to our knowledgebase doc

      Also with the above mentioned payment gateways the admin can pay multiple vendors at once.

      However we don’t have wallet flow. But we do have plans to start working on this soon, we will keep you posted.

      Regarding Multisite, like WooCommerce, MultiVendorX is also not compatible with the core concept of multisite. This means, when you install and activate the MultiVendorX plugin, it will be activated on all sites, and there will be an option to create a store, set up products for each site on the multisite, individually. Each store will be independent of the other. So, say I have 3 sites in a multisite- Blue, Orange and Purple (with Purple being the main site). When I install and activate MultiVendorX on Purple, it will be activated on Blue and Orange as well. When I add products on Purple, or update some settings the changes will not be reflected on Blue or Orange, by default.

      Let us know if you have any further query.

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      Its been a while and we have not heard back from you. We presume your query is solved now. We are closing this thread. If you face issue or need help in future please open a new thread.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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