PayPal Marketplace (Real time Split)

Brief Introduction #

Introduction Payment is the heart of every marketplace but managing payments can be a real headache. So, we thought why not make payment management easy with Paypal. With this, you can now accept payments from any mode, many vendors, and operate on a real-time basis.

Benefits #

  • Real-Time Split Payment – Real-time split payments lets the vendor receive as soon the customer pays his/her bill. This saves the admin the hassle of managing vendor payments.
  • Accepts Payment from all currencies – Paypal converts different currencies into vendor’s currency. This helps vendors receive payments from different customers irrespective of the customer’s nationality.
  • Scheduled Disbursement – With this method of payment management vendors receive payments on dates set by the admin.
  • Secure Payments – PayPal’s in-built plus strong antifraud and money laundering tool helps make payment secure.
  • Flexible Payments Using Any Account – With Paypal you can receive payments from Credit, debit or any other account.

First Enable this module from MutiVendorX >> Modules :

Now, PayPal Checkout settings can be found in under WooCommerce >> Settings >> Payment settings.

  • Upon activation, PayPal Checkout is disabled. You can enable it by checking the box for Enable WCMp PayPal Checkout.
  • Enable PayPal Split Payment , to send vendors their money immediately from the checkout page.
  • To have a proper functioning Pay PayPal Checkout running on your site that helps disburse vendor’s payments, go to the PayPal Payout tab under Payments and enter the Client ID and Secret obtained from PayPal.
  • Disable debit and credit cart : enabling this will remove credit card option from checkout page.

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