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      Hi there!

      May I know which additional or custom fee add-on plugins would be available and compatible for MVX so that we could charge additional fee on a buyer? I.e. platform fee, service fee to be charged on a buyer.

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      @Chris, you can use WooCoomerce per product addon plugin, which is compatible with MultiVendorX. To know more, please check

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      I am trying to charge a global platform fee on the buyer side during their checkout (as an admin, not a vendor) based on product categories instead of the product add-on fees that may be added by vendors. Is this the correct plugin that I’m looking for?

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      If I’m using any additional fees plugin compatible with WooCommerce, which would allow me as an owner/admin to charge a global platform fee on the buyer side during checkout based on product categories, would this work for all the products uploaded by vendor?
      What I wanted here is, for example:
      Eg. Vendor A uploaded a rental product at a price of $100. Besides admin fee/vendor commission of 10% on vendor side, I’m charging another 10% fee on the buyer side, namely platform fee. So, I shall received $10 from vendor side and another $10 on buyer side.

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      @Chris, you can use any plugin of woocommerce that lets you charge an additional fee, this will also work for any vendor product too.

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      Thanks for the information. That would be great! Anyway, I would like to ask one more question related to plugins. Does the automations set through AutomateWoo workable for any vendor product too? For example, an automated email (set through AutomateWoo) that is sent after customer enquiries & purchases etc.?

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      Hi Cris, AutomateWoo is a third-party plugin and we haven’t tested this on our end. So we can’t say for sure regarding its compatibility with MultiVendorX.

      So, please check this on your end and if you do need help with the compatibility let us know. We will try our best to assist you on this.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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