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Commission Management (4)

Transaction HistoryFree

MultiVendorX Core

Payment Gateway ChargeFree

MultiVendorX Core

The cost of having online payment process through their chosen payment gateway on their website is referred to a payment gateway charge.This charge can be beared by sellers/site owners/separately.

Levels of CommissionFree

MultiVendorX Core

Commission types that we support

Types of CommissionFree

MultiVendorX Core

MultivendorXoffers Multiple Types of Comission namely - Fixed Commission - This type of commission is used when the admin wants to charge the sellers a certain value as commission.

Notification (1)

Knowlegebase (seller)Free

MultiVendorX Core

You can use knowledgebase to share tutorials and how to guides with sellers

Order Management (7)

Back Ordering SystemFree

MultiVendorX Core

Lets customers place orders in the absence of avaiable stock

Bulk Order ManagementFree

MultiVendorX Core

Edit and manage multiple orders at the same time

Communicate through Order NotesFree

MultiVendorX Core

Present product feedbacks with the help of order notes

Manage Order StatusFree

MultiVendorX Core

You can allow or restrict vendor from changing their order statuses

Log Orders/ Order ListFree

MultiVendorX Core

Lets vendors keep track of all the orders they have to fulfil

Split Order ModuleFree

MultiVendorX Core

Splits the main order into multiple sub-order depending on the products vendors


MultiVendorX Core

From the orders section sellers can view their complete order details ang with earnings per orders.

Product Management (6)

Upload Media Files

Store Components

While adding or editing, sellers can add pictures of that particular product. With this the the customers will be able to see the product before purchasing.

Add CouponsFree

MultiVendorX Core

sellers can create coupons and submit it you for feedback or corrections.

Publish and Submit ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Using this option, sellers can create and submit products from the seller's dashboard without admin's approval.

Edit Published ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

In WCMp, sellers have the capability to edit products that are already published.

Publish ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Gives vendors the option to directly publish products without waiting for your approval

Submit ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Let vendors add and submit products for your to review

Store Management (1)

Vendor DashboardFree

MultiVendorX Core

Sellers can monitor their overall sales, revenue, number of orders placed, purchased products, number of coupons, and more from the overview section.


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