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Product Management (9)

Product Bulk EditFree

MultiVendorX Core

Use this feature to edit vast products

Duplicate ProductFree

MultiVendorX Core

The Duplicate Product feature allows sellers to create a copy of an existing SKU

Featured Product

Product Options

Lets sellers choose products they want to feature

Custom Product Field

Product Options

Vendor can add extra information about their products by customising their product fields

Import/Export Product

Product Options

Use this feature to Import export mass product data

Bulk Product ManagementFree

MultiVendorX Core

An easy-to-use tool to manage heaps of products.

Product LocationFree

MultiVendorX Core

Shows customers the location of products they are searching for.


MultiVendorX Core

CPG option helps seller's to identify the correct categories for their products.

Assign ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Designate products to marketplace sellers.

Store Management (2)


MultiVendorX Core

Vendors can add or edit coupons


MultiVendorX Core

Wcmp's product manager allows you to support your sellers in managing their products from the seller's dashboard.


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