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Product Management (6)

Display Out of Stock SubscribersFree

MultiVendorX Core

sellers get the option to view the list of customers who have subscribed to their out of stock porduct

Subscribe Out of Stock Product

Inventory Management Tool

Customers can subscribe to products that are out of stock and be notified when the products are back in stock.

Out of stock limit

Inventory Management Tool

The out of stock threshold field allows to choose the minimal quantity of stock value, reaching which  will result in an out of stock alert mail.

Low stock limit

Inventory Management Tool

In the low stock limit area, enter the minimum stock quantity amount. sellers will get a low stock alert email when the quantity value approaches the minimum amount you defined.

Out of stock Alert

Inventory Management Tool

Using our out of stock alert section a seller receives a reminder e-mail when their stock quantity has been depleted.

Low stock Alert

Inventory Management Tool

Using our low stock alert section, sellers in the marketplace will receive a stock alert notification.


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